Istim aluminium queue at Port Klang shortens to 109 days; queues growing in Johor, Singapore

The queue for aluminium at London Metal Exchange-approved warehouses at Port Klang, Malaysia, operated by Istim, edged down to 109 days at the end of May, according to the latest LME data.

This is slightly down from the 113-day queue at the end of April, the LME said on June 10, but it is significantly lower than the 229-day queue registered at the end of February.
Queues for copper, lead and zinc at Istim warehouses in Port Klang reached eight days earlier in May, but these queues had disappeared by the end of the month.

In total 79,630 tonnes of metal was delivered into Istim’s LME-approved warehouses in Port Klang throughout May, compared to 53,069 tonnes delivered out.


Alice Mason

June 14, 2019

12:38 GMT