GLOBAL ANTIMONY SNAPSHOT: Chinese, European prices stabilizing but fundamentals still weak

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia and Europe for the week ended Friday June 21.

Key drivers 

Domestic antimony price in China was flat for the third consecutive week despite sparse trading activity.  Many Chinese antimony suppliers remained resolute in refusing to sell their cargoes at below 40,000 yuan ($5,822) per tonne, citing mounting difficulty in sourcing cheap ore material.  Some investors were heard to have placed orders with several domestic antimony suppliers with the intention of holding onto cargoes until the price rises later.  Although most of these investors have not taken delivery of their cargoes yet, the move partly eased suppliers’ stock pressures and gave them some leverage to hold their offer prices firm.  The majority of antimony consumers,...


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

June 24, 2019

14:34 GMT

Shanghai, London