Workers against Chuquicamata strike can be reintegrated in 5 days, Codelco says

Employees at Codelco’s Chuquicamata unit in the Chilean Atacama desert can voluntarily return to work in five days, the state-owned copper producer said on Saturday June 22 amid an ongoing strike at the division.

The majority of members of the three workers’ unions currently on strike voted against the company’s latest offer on Saturday. According to the unions, 1,511 workers were against an agreement, while 1,225 people were in favor of the offer.

Codelco cannot present a new proposal to the workers until June 27. As of June 29, however, the strike will have been in effect for 15 days, and Chilean labor laws authorize any employee to be...


Renato Rostás

June 24, 2019

23:36 GMT

São Paulo