Kar Madencilik 4,500tpy magnesium smelter targets sales in Turkey, Europe this year

Turkey’s Kar Madencilik has started producing primary pure magnesium metal (grade min 99.95%) at a smelter rented from Esan Eczacibasi, now called Kar Magnesium Smelter.

Kar Madencilik entered an agreement to rent the smelter in February 2018 for a period of 10 years. The smelter, covering a 30,000 square meter closed area and consisting of seven different units, stopped production at the end of 2018 because the cost of production was too high and the material did not met quality standards, Fastmarkets understands. After the closure, it faced a transitional period before resuming production again.
“Kar Magnesium has let the smelter for a total duration of 10 years in order to start producing, reducing cost production and improving quality. At the moment, the annual plant annual capacity is 15,000 tonnes and intends to achieve 4,500 tonnes by the end of 2019,” Alper Yilmaz, production coordinator, told Fastmarkets.



Cristina Belda

July 18, 2019

15:02 GMT