Minmetals’ possible takeover of Yunnan Tin 'would be good for market'

Yunnan Tin Group (YTG) has begun negotiations for its potential incorporation into China Minmetals Corp (CMC), according to a notice released on June 17 by Shanghai-listed Yunnan Tin Co Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of YTG.

According to the International Tin Association (ITA), Chinese state-owned Yunnan Tin remains the world’s largest producer of refined tin, with output of 77,789 tonnes of tin in 2018, up by 4.5% from 74,470 tonnes the year before.

The company is based in west China’s Yunnan province. Its website says that it produces a variety of tin products including refined tin, tin-lead solder, tin profiles and tin chemicals, as well as around 2,000 tonnes per year of...


Hassan Butt

Violet Li

July 04, 2019

21:15 GMT