Trade log July 2019: Selenium

The latest selenium transactions, bids, offers and assessments in Europe reported to Fastmarkets.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are per lb and on an in-warehouse Rotterdam basis. Delivered prices are netted back.
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Friday July 26
1,000kg sold at $8.15
Prices estimated at $8.15-9.85
Prices estimated at $8-10
Prices estimated at $8-9.50
Prices estimated at $8.50-10

Fastmarkets’ selenium assessment remained stable week on week with deals concluded within the published range One producer estimated the market at $8.50-10.50 per lb and sold around 5,000kg at $8.50 per lb, while a second producer put prices at $8-9.50 per lb and was offered material at $7 per lb. One trader sold 1,000kg and indicated the market at $8.15-9.85 while a second trader put the market...


Cristina Belda

July 26, 2019

15:09 GMT