EU limit to stainless HRC imports ‘would threaten Marcegaglia’s business’

Italian steel re-roller Marcegaglia has warned that limiting the imports of hot-rolled black stainless steel coil into Europe would “put at risk the viability of our stainless steel business,” chief executive officer Antonio Marcegaglia said in a letter to the EU published late last week.

An import limit on such stainless steel material would also be “without benefit [for the other] EU producers of such coils,” Antonio Marcegaglia said.
“I am fully confident that the European Commission [EC] will review the existing measures and will take due account of the specific issues,” he added.
Marcegaglia acquires one-third of its input material - black hot-rolled stainless steel coil – from Italian stainless mill Acciai Speciali Terni (AST), which is the only stainless steel mill in Europe that “has spare capacity for this product,” according to Marcegaglia.

Black hot-rolled stainless steel coil is considered to be a semi-finished material...


Viral Shah

July 09, 2019

19:25 GMT