FASTMARKETS NON-FERROUS PRICE CHANGES 12/07: Noble alloys, bulk alloys & ores

The following Fastmarkets noble alloys, bulk alloys and ores prices changed on Friday July 12:

Noble alloys Molybdenum drummed molybdic oxide 57% Mo min, in-whs Rotterdam, $/lb Mo: $11.50-11.70 per lb from $11.60-11.80 Molybdenum canned molybdic oxide, in-whs Pittsburgh, $/lb: $11.80-12.20 per Ib from $12.20-12.40 Molybdenum MB drummed molybdic oxide Mo, in-whs Busan, $/Ib: $11.55-11.70  per lb from $11.50-11.70 Ferro-molybdenum 65% Mo min, in-whs Rotterdam, $/kg Mo: $27.00-27.30 per kg from $27.10-27.50 Ferro-molybdenum 65-70% Mo, in-whs Pittsburgh, US cents/lb: $13.00-13.20 per Ib from $13.10-13.50 Tungsten APT 88.5%...


Fastmarkets MB staff

July 12, 2019

16:10 GMT