Shredded sales boost US ferrous scrap exports in May

Ferrous scrap exports from the United States improved in May thanks to a significant increase in shredded scrap sales following heightened broad-based demand from multiple major destinations and emerging markets.

May exports – booked in April – rose by 18.6% month on month, United States Census Bureau data showed. Overall shredded scrap exports jumped by 63.8% to 548,927 tonnes from 335,027 tonnes while No1 heavy melting scrap (HMS) exports contracted by 5.4% to 448,712 tonnes from 474,116 tonnes.

Shipments to Turkey spiked by 69.8% in May due to significant increases in the country's intake of shredded scrap and No1 HMS, with the country's purchases of the former more than tripling to 118,301 tonnes from 36,300 tonnes...


Mei Ling Toh

July 15, 2019

21:57 GMT

New York