SOUTHERN EUROPE REBAR: Mills hope to raise offers before August holidays

The price for rebar produced and delivered in Southern Europe has widened upward by €5 ($6) per tonne week on week, with Italian mills intending to raise prices before the traditional August holiday period, sources told Fastmarkets on Wednesday July 17.

Market activity remains low and buyers remain generally reluctant to commit to volumes, market participants said.
Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for steel reinforcing bar (rebar), domestic, delivered Southern Europe, was €470-485 ($528-545) per tonne on Wednesday, up from €470-480 per tonne on July 10, a two-year low.

“The steel producers are selling at €480-485 per tonne in Italy,” an Italian market participant said. “They all want to reach the summer break with the price at €500...


Viral Shah

July 17, 2019

16:53 GMT