GLOBAL ANTIMONY SNAPSHOT: Chinese producers resist lower bids; European prices still under pressure

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia and Europe for the week ended Friday July 19.

Key drivers

The price of antimony MMTA standard-grade II, ddp China, was unchanged week on week after some major suppliers held prices firm despite thin spot trading activity. citing the multi-year-low prices as causing them severe losses. A few antimony producers, however, were heard to have lowered their offer prices to secure business and generate cash. The threat of environmental inspections is no longer supportive for antimony prices because producer hub Hunan has been missed off the list of locations and because market participants now view such inspections as the norm. Chinese antimony consumers are wary of restocking, placing orders for volumes only to meet prompt production needs in anticipation of further price softening in the forthcoming weeks....


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

July 22, 2019

15:23 GMT

London, Shanghai