Rusal ramps up aluminium alloy capacity to meet future auto demand

Russian producer UC Rusal has completed the installation of a new aluminium smelter with capacity for 120,000 tonnes per year at its Boguchansky plant at Krasnoyarsk in Russia, it said on Tuesday July 23.

The new unit will focus on producing primary foundry aluminium alloys for the automotive sector. Operations were expected to begin in September 2019, raising the plant’s smelting capacity to 418,000 tpy from 298,000 tpy.
Rusal will gear its increased alloy output toward automotive consumers in Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Germany and the United States, where the company believed that demand for such material would be most strongly concentrated.

The ramp-up in capacity followed a move by Indian aluminium producer Vedanta in January 2019, when it announced plans to increase primary foundry alloy...


Amy Hinton

July 23, 2019

19:32 GMT