INTERVIEW: Metinvest is my life, not just work - Yuriy Ryzhenkov

Metinvest chief executive officer Yuriy Ryzhenkov discusses with Marina Shulga the challenges the company has overcome and the strategies for its future prosperity.

Metinvest, the largest steel producer in Ukraine, has faced the seizing of its assets by rebels, military action right next to its plants, raw material supply interruptions and debt restructuring over the last five years.
Over this period, the company was headed by CEO Yuriy Ryzhenkov, a man from a metallurgical dynasty, who continued to develop Metinvest despite the severe challenges it has faced.
Ryzhenkov oversees multiple assets. In Ukraine, Metinvest runs steelmaking plants for flat products - Ilyich Iron & Steel Works (Ilyich Steel) and Azovstal Iron & Steel Works (Azovstal) - as well as Zaporizhstal Iron & Steel Works (Zaporizhstal), in which Metinvest has had a 49.9% stake since 2012.
Metinvest also acts as Zaporizhstal’s trade agent and produces galvanized rolled steel at its Unisteel asset. Upstream, the company has two coke plants - Avdiivka Coke and Zaporizhia Coke.

Metinvest has mining companies in Ukraine and the United States...


Marina Shulga

July 31, 2019

12:00 GMT