Smart ports and trading – the digitalization of Rotterdam

A fundamental industry that has always been a primary facilitator of global trade, shipping aims to be at the forefront of digital technology. This report explores initiatives at the Dutch Port of Rotterdam - Europe’s largest port by cargo tonnage - and how those connect with global trade.

The shipping industry is key to enhancing global trading. The Dutch Port of Rotterdam has decided to lead the digital transformation of transport and logistics by using integrated technologies such as blockchain, GPS navigation, real-time weather data feeds and smart containers, cognizant that metals can be transported by ship, river barge, train and road.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is making a targeted commitment to innovation. “We aim to be the smartest port in the world. To achieve this, it is vital that we keep abreast of the latest developments in digitalization. No other port has such a complete digital toolbox as Rotterdam,” according to Tie Schellekens, spokesperson for the Harbour Master, infrastructure projects, national and international partnerships, and the connection between the city, port and environment. The Port of Rotterdam was once the biggest in the world before it was overtaken in size by Asian ports such as Singapore,...


Cristina Belda

July 31, 2019

22:32 GMT