Malaysia Smelting Corp targets greater tin output despite market fragility

Malaysia Smelting Corp (MSC) is poised to continue the expansion of its tin mining initiatives in Southeast Asia, but the company is more wary of the challenges that lie ahead due to an increasingly volatile global tin market.

MSC’s plans to upgrade its tin-smelting technology continue to progress, with the company set to relocate operations from its current Butterworth tin smelting plant in Penang, to a new smelter in the Pulau Indah region of Port Klang, Malaysia, that was built in 2000, the company said on Thursday August 8. MSC’s intention to convert an old lead smelter’s top submerged lance (TSL) furnace into a tin smelting facility is the first attempt of its kind. The International Tin Association (ITA) has suggested that such a process could involve technical risks. The Port Klang smelter is set to use ISASMELT TSL technology, which will involve a single-stage smelting process intended to boost extraction yields and production capacity, while reducing operational costs and carbon footprint. Successful implementation could increase the company’s annual refined tin production to 60,000 tonnes from a...


Hassan Butt

August 12, 2019

12:43 GMT