GLOBAL ALUMINIUM WRAP: Sao Paulo premium breaks 3-month stasis; premiums elsewhere flat

Aluminium premiums were flat across most regions in the week ended Tuesday August 13, except in Brazil, where the P1020A premium for São Paulo delivery ticked higher after three months with no changes.

  • São Paulo premium ticks up on dissipating discounts
  • Rotterdam premiums flat, trades thin
  • US Midwest premium unchanged on seasonality
  • MJP steady amid Japanese holidays.

Delivered premium up in Brazil
The Brazilian domestic premium for aluminium improved in the latest assessment, with discounts from local producers being removed from the market. Despite the upturn in Europe, however, the import premium remained unchanged in Brazil.
Fastmarkets’ assessment for the aluminium P1020A premium, delivered São Paulo region, was $230-250 per tonne on August 13, compared with $220-240 per tonne two weeks before. The premium moved after three months of stability, with the most recent previous change being on April 23, when the price narrowed upward by $10 per tonne.

The assessment of the aluminium P1020A premium, cif dup Brazilian main ports, was flat on Tuesday at $155-165 per tonne. Offers from Asia were closer to the low end of the range, while prices...


Alice Mason

Hui Li

Renato Rostás

Michael Roh

August 13, 2019

22:03 GMT

New York, London, Shanghai, Sao Paulo