Seaborne iron ore concentrate discounts could be set to shrink, pellet market quiet

Some discounts on index-linked seaborne iron ore concentrate cargoes began to shrink last week, sources told Fastmarkets, while activity in the spot pellet market remained limited.

Fastmarkets' weekly index for iron ore 66% Fe concentrate, cfr Qingdao, stood at $96.28 per tonne on Friday August 16, down $7.49 per tonne from a week earlier.
The movement was based on visible market activity detailed below, which was included in the index calculation according to published methodology.
No data was discarded in the calculation of the index and any data received under a Data Submitter Agreement or subject to a confidentiality request is not published.

Three September-loading 65,000-tonne cargoes of 65% Fe Karara concentrate were sold at the...


July Zhang

August 19, 2019

09:39 GMT