INTERVIEW: Yuantai Derun bullish about Chinese hollow sections in global market

Chinese hollow section products are set to take a bigger share of the global market in the future, having increased their visibility over the past few years due to their competitive prices and quality, according to Paul Zhao, the export director of China’s Yuantai Derun Pipe Manufacturing Group.

"China will export more hollow steel sections due to the increasing global demand from emerging markets, as well as the very competitive prices available from Chinese manufacturers," Zhao told Fastmarkets in an exclusive interview recently. "The continued addition of real estate and infrastructure projects in countries participating in China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative is also another factor that is bolstering demand for hollow steel sections," he continued. In Southeast Asia, for instance, the momentum of infrastructure growth is expected to be sustained over the next two or three years due to the region’s large populations, rapid economic growth and favorable investment environment, according to China International Contractors’ Association chairman Fang Qiuchen, who spoke at an industry conference in May. Yuantai Derun is looking to benefit from these factors, according to Zhao. Hollow sections at Yuantai Derun's warehouse in Tianjin, northern...


Jessica Zong

Miranda Song

September 03, 2019

10:15 GMT