INTERVIEW: ‘We have set ourselves an ambitious timeline’ - Elysis’ Vincent Christ

Technology joint venture Elysis, led by Rio Tinto and Alcoa, is determined to revolutionize the aluminium smelting industry, chief executive officer Vincent Christ told Fastmarkets in an interview for Metal Market Magazine.

Vincent Christ was on a Canadian domestic flight when he started to sketch out his ideas for Rio Tinto’s future aluminium technology strategy. What filled the paper formed a keystone in the path towards the creation of Elysis™. 
“I vividly remember that, returning to Montreal after a trip from Vancouver in September 2015, I wrote a six-page strategic document about the inert anode and what Rio Tinto should be doing with it,” Christ tells Metal Market Magazine. “For Rio Tinto, this was one of the cornerstones that led to the formation of Elysis,” he adds. 
He has been the chief executive officer of the joint venture since its creation in May 2018. At the time that he wrote the document he was working in Rio Tinto’s aluminium unit, responsible for the division’s research and development department as well as key investment projects. 

R&D was...


Andrea Hotter

September 09, 2019

10:00 GMT

New York