Seaborne iron ore concentrate discounts narrow, pellet market activity limited

Seaborne iron ore concentrate prices continued to see narrower discounts last week, while pellet market activity remained lackluster.

Fastmarkets' weekly index for iron ore 66% Fe concentrate, cfr Qingdao, stood at $99.54 per tonne last Friday September 13, up by $4.48 per tonne week on week.
And Fastmarkets' daily index for iron ore 65% Fe Brazil-origin fines, cfr Qingdao, averaged $102.20 per tonne last week, compared with an average of $96.58 per tonne a week earlier.
The price movements were based on the visible market activity detailed below, which was included in the index calculations according to the published methodology.

In the calculation of these indices, judgment was applied to discard a higher offer where a lower offer for...


July Zhang

September 17, 2019

15:20 GMT