Eurofer expects EU safeguard changes to stabilize trade flows, but market will remain weak

Adjustments to EU safeguard measures will “stabilize trade flows by containing import concentrations from certain exporting countries,” the European steel association Eurofer said on Tuesday October 1.

Although the changes will result in improvements, “the result is still not sufficient for a large part of the sector, especially given that it is facing depressed domestic steel demand,” Eurofer said.
The European Commission has made a number of changes to its existing regime of safeguard measures concerning 26 steel product categories that came into force on October 1 this year.
“The largest part of the steel sector is still being squeezed, hampered by unsustainable import pressure - pressure that will not abate, despite the changes made today,” Eurofer director general Axel Eggert said.

“The steel sector is now back in choppy waters - demand is falling and imports are still at...


Maria Tanatar

October 01, 2019

18:28 GMT