Copper cancellations increase queue for metal at Busan, Kaohsiung LME warehouses

The queue to remove metal from London Metal Exchange-approved warehouses operated by H&M Metal in Busan, South Korea rose to 30 days at the end of September, according to the latest LME data.

The 30-day queue at the warehouse is for aluminium, copper, lead and zinc. This is up from 10 days at the end of August
The original queue built up due to fresh cancellations in Busan. From August 23 to August 29, over 30,000 tonnes of copper was canceled at LME sheds in Busan, which could have contributed to the queue.

There were more cancellations during the following month; 13,350 tonnes on September...


Alice Mason

October 10, 2019

17:48 GMT