GLOBAL ANTIMONY SNAPSHOT: Price optimism in China, Europe continues to support upward momentum

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia and Europe in the week to Friday October 11.

Key drivers 

The price for antimony, MMTA standard grade II, ddp China gained 3.2% after domestic suppliers raised their offer prices in response to resumed buying interest from consumers returning from the week-long National Day holiday (October 1-7).  Many antimony producers were reluctant to surrender much on the offer prices in the belief that the price will rise further in the coming weeks amid positive market sentiment.  But some antimony consumers are wary of restocking large volume, claiming the antimony price has been increasing too fast and the pace has surpassed that of downstream antimony trioxide.  Many Chinese...


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

October 14, 2019

13:36 GMT

Shanghai, Madrid