HOTTER ON METALS: Copper may face US EV charging infrastructure constraints

Electric vehicles (EVs) are forecast to reach cost and functional parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2025.

Theoretically, this should create the global tipping point for mass market EV adoption, along with the development of the associated charging infrastructure required to accompany the growth. In practice, it is not quite as straightforward. A recent report by investment research firm Morningstar estimated that on a 15-year total cost of ownership basis, EVs will be cheaper than ICE vehicles in the next six years. That is despite a higher purchase cost for EVs, with lower annual operating costs more than offsetting the narrowing purchase price difference, the report said. But although the cost, range and charging time for EVs is continually improving on a global basis, US consumers look set to be deterred by limitations on where they can actually charge their vehicles. This is not as bullish for copper as had been predicted, at least in the United States. If cobalt and lithium have been at the heart of the boom...


Andrea Hotter

October 16, 2019

04:15 GMT

New York