GLOBAL ANTIMONY SNAPSHOT: European price ends long-month uptrend while Chinese market continues up

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia and Europe in the week to Friday October 18.

Key drivers 

The high end of the antimony, MMTA standard grade II, ddp China price range continued to rise after domestic suppliers increased their offer prices on lingering bullish sentiment.   Trading activities waned after some consumers retreated from the market after completing stock replenishment in the previous week.  Some domestic suppliers were heard to have raised offer prices to as high as 45,000 yuan ($6,354) per tonne, but no deals were reportedly concluded at the level last week.  Many consumers remain cautious about stockpiling antimony and are reluctant to accept higher prices.  Most market participants are still quite optimistic that the price will continue to...


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

October 21, 2019

14:35 GMT

London, Shanghai