Unions at Chuquicamata copper mine signal support for Chilean demonstrators, strike action

The main trade unions at Codelco’s Chuquicamata division have signaled support for protests currently taking place in Chile, while criticizing an escalation in violence that led to an army-supervised curfew being imposed in the country.

Union No1 for Chuquicamata said on Monday October 21 that its leaders supported demands from protesters and that it was open to schedule an assembly to decide whether to support a nation-wide strike.
“The only reasonable solution which we should seek is [through] dialogue,” the union added. “We oppose and strongly criticize the shock doctrine imposed by the [federal] government. Along the same lines, we oppose vandalism [from some of the protesters].”
Demonstrations grew significantly last week in Santiago and other major Chilean cities against a fare increase for public transportation, with discontent being shown about other living costs as well.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera ordered the army to oversee a curfew on these cities starting from October 19, and...


Renato Rostás

October 22, 2019

03:09 GMT

São Paulo