LME WEEK 2019: Metals industry needs smarter partnerships in 2020s to reduce carbon footprint – Rio Tinto’s ceo

The metals industry needs to be smarter and play a bigger part in reducing its carbon footprint over the next decade to thrive in the 2020s, the chief executive officer of Rio Tinto, Jean-Sebastien Jacques, said.

The industry needs to be smarter at spotting trends and acting on them, as well as smarter at building new partnerships and connecting with society, Jacques said during his keynote address at the LME Week seminar on Monday October 28. “Society expects much more now and there is absolutely no doubt that we must play our part in reducing emissions for future generations,” Jacques said. “This requirement is already driving structural change among out industry.” Jacques noted that Rio Tinto, a major producer of both aluminium and iron ore, has already made steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. Rio Tinto’s green aluminium brand is RenewAl, whose production emits a maximum of...


Alice Mason

October 28, 2019

11:14 GMT