LME WEEK 2019: Trade wars will continue to stifle global growth, Citibank says

The prospects for global economic growth through to 2024 will be no better than average while trade tensions between the United States and China continue, Citibank's Catherine Mann said at the London Metal Exchange seminar on Monday October 28.

“What’s happening in global economic growth? Citibank's managing director and global chief economist told delegates in a presentation at the seminar, and then proceeded to answer her own question: “Nothing,” she said. Mann said that while advanced economies are not projected to reach their long-term average growth projections by 2024, emerging markets - including China - are expected to achieve greater strides forward despite significantly slowed growth recently. “China will never go back to its old growth rate,” she said. China’s economy grew just 6% year on year in the third quarter of 2019, down from the 6.5% forecast previously forecast for the period. But although China will have...


Amy Hinton

October 28, 2019

11:57 GMT