GLOBAL TUNGSTEN WRAP: Concentrate price dips; APT prices supported by positive sentiment

Positive sentiment continued to buoy the Chinese and European ammonium paratungstate (APT) markets although spot activity remained subdued in both.

But the ferro-tungsten price in Europe fell after suppliers scrambled to meet a large inquiry from a consumer.
The Chinese APT export price was unchanged week on week against a backdrop of falling tungsten concentrate prices and quiet demand abroad.
Fastmarkets assessed the export price of tungsten APT 88.5% WO3 min, fob main ports China at a steady $235-245 per mtu on Wednesday October 23.

“If there are some inquiries from the international market, we will offer at $240 per mtu. But demand remains quiet....


Ewa Manthey

Huaqing Fu

October 28, 2019

15:04 GMT

Shanghai, London