GLOBAL ANTIMONY SNAPSHOT: Bearish sentiment takes over Chinese, European markets

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia and Europe in the week to Friday November 15.

Key drivers 

The antimony, MMTA standard grade II, ddp China price fell for the second consecutive week after some of the country’s suppliers slashed offer prices further to secure business amid scant inquiries from consumers.  Chinese antimony consumers either procured on a hand-to-mouth basis or held off from restocking in anticipation of further price dips in the coming weeks.  Many Chinese market participants still hold divergent views on the near-term antimony price trend. Some expect the price to continue softening in the coming weeks while several sources believe the price may gain some support from the firmness of ore prices in the near future. Key quotes
“It’s not been easy to offload stocks this [past]...


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

November 18, 2019

15:15 GMT

Shanghai, London