GLOBAL FERRO-SILICON SNAPSHOT: EU market maintains upward price momentum on production cuts

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia, Europe and the United States for the week ended Friday December 6.


Domestic 75-grade alloy prices dropped for the first time since late September in response to the bearish outlook for the forthcoming steel mill tender prices for deliveries of 72-grade alloy, in addition to falling downstream magnesium prices and persistent weak exports. Sentiment has been subdued ahead of the announcement of the tender price by Hesteel, the second-largest steel mill in China, for its 72-grade alloy purchase. The majority of market participants believed the steel mill was likely to cut its tender prices in December. The lower tender prices for 72-grade...


Chris Kavanagh

Susan Zou

Declan Conway

December 06, 2019

23:10 GMT

New York, Galway, Shanghai