MEIS 2019: Global trade should focus on fair play - Dalbeler

Global trade’s main problem is a lack of fair play rather than a lack of fair trade, Ugur Dalbeler, a board member of the Turkish Iron & Steel Producers’ Association (TÇÜD), said during his presentation at Fastmarkets’ Middle East Iron and Steel Conference in Dubai.

Several countries and regions are bypassing the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) regulations, Dalbeler - also the chief executive officer of Turkish steelmaker Coakoglu - noted last week.
The WTO has lost its ability to function properly and many decisions against its rules have been taken recently, Dalbeler said, adding that steel market participants should ask for “fair play” before “fair trade.”
The WTO was forced to suspend its dispute resolution process earlier this month due to a lack of judges on its appeals body - two retired last week but the US has for the past two years blocked any further appointments.

The impartial appellate body requires a minimum of...


Serife Durmus

December 17, 2019

13:32 GMT