Cobalt prices diverge amid fresh alloy-grade metal inquiries

Spot market prices for alloy-grade and standard-grade cobalt diverged in the first half of the week.

Large spot inquiries continued to materialise for certain brands and shapes of metal, though sales of off-grade units have clouded any optimism in the standard-grade market so far.
Fastmarkets’ price assessment for cobalt, standard-grade, in-whs Rotterdam, fell 10 cents on the high and low of the range to $15.15-15.65 per lb on Wednesday December 18.
Prices for cobalt, alloy-grade, in-whs Rotterdam, were assessed 20 cents higher on the top-end of the range and are now at $15.60-16.45 per lb, the first move higher since early October.

Sellers successfully hiked their offers for a...


Charlotte Radford

December 19, 2019

11:55 GMT