CHINA REBAR: Domestic prices experience early-hour losses

China’s domestic rebar prices dropped further in the morning of Thursday December 26 on weak demand, though they recovered in the latter part of the day due to rising futures.

Eastern China (Shanghai): 3,610-3,660 yuan ($516-523) per tonne, down 20-40 yuan per tonne
Northern China (Beijing): 3,480-3,520 yuan per tonne, down 10-20 yuan per tonne
Prices in eastern China dropped to 3,610-3,630 yuan per tonne in the morning but rebounded later to reach 3,640-3,660 yuan per tonne. These followed a 100-yuan-per-tonne Christmas Day tumble a day earlier on weak demand.

Similarly in northern China, prices were at...


Jessica Zong

December 26, 2019

09:30 GMT