China’s ferro-niobium imports hit 10-month high in November

Chinese imports of ferro-niobium hit a 10-month high in November 2019, registering an increase of 75.4% month on month and 99.1% year on year, according to official but unconfirmed data seen by Fastmarkets.

The 5,954 tonnes delivered to Chinese shores in November was the second highest amount imported by the country so far in 2019, following the 70,103 tonnes recorded in January. This compares with the 3,395 tonnes and 2,990 tonnes imported during October 2019 and November 2018 respectively, the data showed.
Opinions varied among participants regarding possible reasons behind the significant increase, with some identifying improved demand for the ferro-alloy in China as a driving force for the higher volumes flowing into the country.


Amy Lv

January 07, 2020

12:27 GMT