LME aluminium cancellations extend queue time at Port Klang warehouses

The waiting time for aluminium at Istim’s warehouse in Port Klang, Malaysia, rose to more than a month at the end of December 2019 compared with 11 days at the end of November, according to the latest LME queue report.

Despite a flurry of deliveries into Port Klang warehouses at the start of December, more than 258,000 tonnes of material was canceled in the region between December 17 and the end of the year.
This pushed the waiting time for aluminium to 33 days at the warehouse. It was the only warehouse on the LME network with a queue at the end of 2019.

Throughout December, just 11,620 tonnes of aluminium were delivered in to the Istim warehouse in Port Klang, while 26,050 tonnes were delivered out. It held a total of 276,220 tonnes of aluminium as of December 31, with...


Alice Mason

January 10, 2020

16:13 GMT