GLOBAL SILICON SNAPSHOT: US price continues downtrend; European prices rise but could be near peak

Key data from the pricing sessions in Asia, Europe and the United States for the week ended January 10.

Key drivers 

Weak spot demand in the United States continued to weigh on the grade 5-5-3 delivered price, which fell to $0.91-94 per lb. The monthly spot price had fleetingly stabilized in November at $0.96-1.02 per lb.  Buyers remain well supplied with annual contract material priced below spot rates, while some are still using 2019 contracted supply.  Some domestic producers are said to be further cutting their prices to compete with cheap imports, although others are said to have set a floor on contract and spot business of $1 per lb. Key quotes "I have a feeling that I am not the only silicon user waiting on...


Cristina Belda

Orla O'Sullivan

Ruby Liu

January 13, 2020

17:13 GMT

New York, London, Shanghai