China's auto output, sales tumble in 2019

Chinese auto output and sales continued to drop in 2019 despite recoveries in the second half of the year, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said.

The country produced 25.721 million units of vehicles in 2019, down 7.5% from a year earlier, while sales fell 8.2% to 25.769 million units, CAAM reported on its official website on Monday January 13.
China remains the world’s largest producer and seller of automobiles. While the Chinese sector experienced some rebound in the second half of last year, overall, both output and sales registered bigger drops than in 2018.
The rate of decline for output is 4.2 percentage points wider than that experienced in 2018 while that for sales is 5.4 percentage points higher, the CAAM said.

It attributed the tumble to challenges related to...


Miranda Song

January 14, 2020

07:18 GMT