Europe's charge chrome consumers weigh benefits of low-priced high carbon ferro-chrome

Low prices of high-carbon ferro-chrome have attracted consumers of charge chrome in Europe, but adoption has been dampened by technical issues and concern that high-carbon ferro-chrome could reclaim its usual premium.

For consumers, charge chrome and high carbon ferro-chrome prices are close to interchangeable at current prices and this has made consumers increasingly interested in purchasing high carbon material.
Fastmarkets’ ferro-chrome high carbon 6-8.5% C, basis 60-70% Cr, max 1.5% Si, delivered Europe, assessment was $0.79-0.85 per lb on Friday January 10.
The market has barely recovered since it hit a multi-year low of $0.70-0.80 per lb in August 2019.
“High carbon ferro-chrome can be cheaper than charge chrome. It would serve stainless steel mills to switch to high carbon ferro-chrome - it means they can have better product but for the same cost - but I’ve not heard of it happening directly,” a high carbon ferro-chrome producer said.



Janie Davies

Jon Stibbs

January 14, 2020

17:13 GMT