Carbon-free aluminium premium will emerge later, Alcoa says

Fresh off the delivery of its first commercial batch from the Alcoa-Rio Tinto joint-venture Elysis to Apple last month, Alcoa expects the market will soon create a separate premium for less-carbon intensive aluminium, but the producer believes the market is not ready just yet.

“I think it means a lot that [Apple] wanted that first commercial production of metal. Because there will be demand. What we need to do as an aluminium company, and I know some of our competitors have been working on this as well, is nurture and develop that market. So that premium will exist,” Alcoa chief executive Roy Harvey said in a call discussing earnings results on Wednesday January 15.
“I believe that at some point that premium or that discount will become more real, but I would not have a guess as to what that number’s going to be at this point,” Harvey added.
Alcoa had first announced the Elysis technology firm back in May 2018.

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Michael Roh

January 16, 2020

04:45 GMT

New York