ALUMINA ROUND-UP: Benchmark alumina prices static despite liquidity spike

Liquidity was high for alumina on an fob Australia basis during the week ending January 17, but prices failed to find any long-term support above $275 per tonne.

Fastmarkets calculated the benchmark daily alumina index, fob Australia, at $275.18 per tonne on Friday January 17, down only slightly from $275.93 per tonne on Thursday. The index has traded between $275 and $278 per tonne since December 24.
Key drivers:

Latest deal for 30,000 tonnes of Western Australian material was concluded on January 16 at $275 per tonne for first half of March loading. Flurry of activity on Wednesday with 95,000 tonnes of Western Australian material sold between...


Alice Mason

January 17, 2020

17:38 GMT