INTERVIEW: Gay Huey Evans - ‘The LME is a unique market’

New London Metal Exchange chair Gay Huey Evans has a great depth of experience and wide range of interests. Andrea Hotter asks her what has driven her career and what priorities she has at the exchange.

When Gay Huey Evans attended her first LME dinner in 1999, she was head of markets at former UK regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Some 20 years later she was there as LME chair elect, the first woman appointed to the role.

“As a regulator I would send my markets people and occasionally come to learn a little bit more about commodities. I remember sitting in the back row of an event during LME Week just listening and fascinated,” she said. “The regulator was always invited to the LME dinner and, as the FSA head of markets, I would attend.”

Her first LME dinner “was a sea of men,” something she had become used to since the start of her career. Huey Evans was the only woman on the top table the first year; there were six women out of 38 people at her table at the...


Andrea Hotter

February 04, 2020

09:05 GMT

New York