US silicon price rises for first time in two years

The silicon metal market in the United States moved higher for the first time in two years, with suppliers raising prices largely due to reduced global supply of cheap material from China as a result of the Wuhan novel coronavirus.

Independent of that, other low-priced suppliers have reportedly revised their pricing policies this year, deeming their earlier prices unsustainably low.
Fastmarkets assessed the price for silicon, ddp US at $0.95-0.97 per lb on February 10, up by 3.8% from last month's range of $0.91-0.94 per lb.

This marks the highest level since the price was assessed at a more than three-year high of $1.43-1.45 per lb in February 2018 amid expectations of additional trade protections against silicon imports that later failed...


Orla O'Sullivan

February 11, 2020

22:13 GMT

New York