US raw material imports down 13% in 2019

The United States imported less ferrous scrap in 2019 amid plentiful supply of competitively priced domestic material, while imports of pig iron - which was expensive compared with No1 busheling - dropped as well.

Raw material imports fell by 13.4% for the year to 9,628,184 tonnes from 11,120,193 tonnes in the full year 2018. For the month of December, however, overall imports increased by 12.7% sequentially to 661,740 tonnes from 587,104 tonnes in November. Ferrous scrap imports dropped by 14.5% for the year to 2,864,684 tonnes, down from 3,351,987 tonnes in 2018, according to US Census Bureau data. While ferrous scrap imports decreased for the year as...


Lisa Gordon

February 13, 2020

19:25 GMT