Border closures leave Chinese inland miners cut off from export markets

Chinese mineral producers trying to return to work amid the coronavirus disruptions are being hampered by the continuing shortage of land freight options and restrictions on border crossings.

Almost all land transport movements in China ground to a halt in the weeks following the first outbreak of novel coronavirus.
A shortage of lorry drivers and rail freight cars made the transport of cargo within the country and to and from ports almost impossible.
What has developed over the past few days up to Friday February 14 is a logistics scenario that remains patchy in many areas, while a few provinces are slowly returning to a degree of normal operations.
Coast vs inland
The first distinction to make is that there seems to be a remarkable difference in the ability of factories, and to some degree of the transport sector, to operate between coastal areas and China’s interior.

Some provinces on the coast, such as Liaoning in the north, have gradually restarted material movements, with local companies allowed to resume operations. Most magnesia producers in Liaoning reported to...


Davide Ghilotti

Carrie Shi

February 14, 2020

17:00 GMT

London, Beijing