GLOBAL MANGANESE SNAPSHOT: High-grade ore price in China rises despite SiMn fall

Key data from the pricing sessions in Europe, Asia and the United States for the week ended Friday February 21.

China The seaborne price of low-grade manganese ore was static, with buyers resisting attempts by some producers to raise offer prices, amid high inventories and weak demand. The seaborne price of high-grade manganese ore rose after some deals were concluded at higher offer levels, with limited volumes reported as being offered. But falling portside ore and alloy prices meant that some buyers were hesitant about placing orders. The Chinese domestic portside ore prices of both grades dipped further with only a...


Chris Kavanagh

Declan Conway

Jon Stibbs

Amy Lv

February 21, 2020

19:25 GMT

London, Galway, New York, Shanghai