DAILY SCRAP REPORT: Mills restrict purchasing to stem further price rises

The Turkish steel mills have continued to be largely silent in the deep-sea scrap markets to try to restrict the upward trend in prices, sources said on Wednesday February 26.

The mills were very active in the deep-sea scrap markets in the period February 4-24, booking at least 22 cargoes totaling more than 700,000 tonnes. As a result, scrap import prices into Turkey have been climbing since the beginning of the month.

The most recent cargo sold out of the United States was priced at $280 per tonne cfr for HMS 1&2 (80:20), at the end of last week. This compared with a US cargo sold on February 14 at $275 per tonne...


Cem Turken

February 26, 2020

16:37 GMT