ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY WRAP: Market participants focus on virus effect on fundamentals

Aluminium primary foundry alloy premiums were stable in Europe and the United States this week, with market participants pondering the long-term effects of the outbreak of 2019-nCoV coronavirus on the market’s fundamentals and supply chain.

Premiums in Europe were steady, with market participants uncertain about the direction the market might take due to the measures being taken to try to control the virus outbreak across the continent.
Fastmarkets assessed the aluminium wheel alloy silicon 7 ingot premium, ddp Germany, at $300-320 per tonne on Friday March 13, unchanged from the month before.
The corresponding aluminium wheel alloy silicon 7 ingot premium, ddp Eastern Europe, was assessed at $330-350 per tonne on the same date, flat since November last year.

Market participants reported deals throughout the price range, with some going toward the higher end due to end-consumer stockpiling in preparation for potential...


Justin Yang

Michael Roh

March 13, 2020

20:30 GMT

New York, London