Vale puts nickel-copper ops at Voisey's Bay under 4-week care, maintenance

Brazilian miner Vale has decided to ramp down production operations and put its nickel-copper mine at Voisey’s Bay, in Canada’s north-eastern region of Labrador, under care and maintenance for four weeks, the company said on Monday March 16.

The company’s stocks of concentrates should be enough to maintain nickel output at a stable level, but copper production will be reduced because of this move, it said.
Production of cobalt rounds at Long Harbour, a by-product from the nickel concentrate produced at Voisey’s Bay, was also expected to be unaffected, given that there was sufficient feedstock to last beyond the four-week care and maintenance period, the company said.

The action was being taken while measures to deal with the global 2019-nCoV coronavirus pandemic were changing...


Renato Rostás

March 17, 2020

12:52 GMT

São Paulo