Vale's Malaysian iron ore distribution, processing operations could be suspended until end of month, sources say

Operations at Vale’s iron ore distribution and blending center at the Teluk Rubiah Maritime Terminal in Malaysia, could be suspended until March 31, market sources told Fastmarkets on Wednesday March 18.

The miner confirmed the news late in the evening in Singapore.
“Vale could temporarily halt, starting on Saturday, its distribution center in Malaysia until March 31. Vale is communicating with the authorities to clarify supposed restrictions imposed by the local government on transportation between cities, [which] could limit the access of workers to (Teluk Rubiah Maritime Terminal (TRMT),” the miner said.

In that scenario, vessels heading to TRMT will be redirected and redistributed among our blending facilities in China with no expected impact on production and sales volumes in 2020, but with an impact on sales of approximately 800,000 tonnes in...


Deepali Sharma

Karen Shi

Yu Zihao

March 18, 2020

09:10 GMT